Isn’t religious relativism the best way for a decent society to go given  man is becoming more enlightened and belief in the deity is retrogressive? This is the view taken by some people who happen to have had various religious experiences in their lives and cannot settle for any one religion because it would be an insult on their intellect. They would rather believe in themselves than God.

After failing to attain religious satisfaction, most of the people tend to dwell the perceived weaknesses found in religious groups such as pedophilia and unbridled fundamentalism then come up with ideas that contradict sound religious values. The intention here, is usually to cast doubt on the goodness of faith, thinking that we can do without believing in God.

There arises a lack of trust in all religions that is fostered by that kind of thinking and causes apathy among many individuals. Once this has happened, the moral fabric of society is broken and everyone is inclined to do whatever seems right to them, with no regard for authority. People generally lose direction in life when they have no firm religious values to follow. Their families tend to be dysfunctional because they have ignored the Maker and resolved to live according to their tainted wisdom. With such an impaired sense of morality, a society can only disintegrate. It is virtually impossible to find decency in that kind of society.

When a society becomes highly liberalized, individuals become quite egocentric, contrary to popular belief that there is respect for other people’s views. There is usually a dearth of natural love for fellow man because the source, who is the Creator, has been trampled upon. Stronger societies, on the other hand, are built by people with solid religious convictions guided by the Love of Christ and a recognition of the fact that one’s wisdom and knowledge is only helpful when one submits to the Living God.