The totally depraved state of man makes the whole question of salvation seem like a farce. There are people who have been brought up in church and feel close to God by virtue of being church members. To them salvation by grace alone is ridiculous and unreasonable. They are more comfortable with the belief that God has seen their effort in attending church and is impressed by them. Then there are those who don’t belong to church and don’t even care about church activities. To this group salvation by grace alone is equally impossible. The question that hangs on their mind is this: How can some else pay for other people’s sins or mistakes? Each person has to find their own means of making their life right.

This leaves salvation entirely in the hands of God. He initiates and accomplishes it because He has obligated Himself to do so. We come to faith in Christ and declare we are saved not by reaching out and accepting Christ but by realising the finished work of Christ on the cross. The realisation of this fact is only possible because God has predestined us to be adopted into His own family. That is what makes salvation by God’s grace possible (Ephesians 1:3-6). Anyone can be admitted into the family of God by crying out to Him for mercy.