Why do I call myself a born again Christian? Is it convenient to become one? Does it make me wealthy or a lot healthier? Does it attract a lot of people towards me?
This is a life I would naturally not want to lead. It is a life full of restrictions and prevents me from doing everything I want. I can’t satisfy my fleshly appetites, yet I press on as a Christian. This is only possible because Christ has transformed my mind and continues to encourage me moment by moment to trust in Him. I do not follow Him because it is convenient to do so but because of the regeneration that has taken place in my heart and mind. I see things differently from the way other see them. Life is not just about satisfying natural or supernatural wants. I now realise the need to submit to a higher power with the conviction that ultimately, I will be glorified in the end.
Wealth and good health may follow but these are not the indicators of the new life I have in Christ. Whoever thinks that they must always be wealthy and healthy because they are following Christ is seriously mistaken. There are times when we may lose everything and still continue to hope in Christ because He never leaves us alone once we have trusted in Him. Many of my family and friends may find this life weird because they expect comfort in it. The truth about following Christ is that I may find myself at loggerheads with them because of their lack of knowledge of the truth that Christ alone is sufficient in all situations, not what I have or lack.
(Matthew 10:34-38)