I have been saved for a number of years now. Does that mean I’m entitled to some special rewards from the Lord? Are those in the ordained ministry going to be given a special place in the kingdom of God as compared to believers in secular jobs? Are renowned world evangelists awaiting a bigger reward than average believers in a village or slum?

A reflection on those questions has brought me to a realization of the fact that the Lord our God is sovereign and gracious. Salvation belongs entirely to Him. He chooses whom to save at His own time and in his own way. He is the same Lord who grants one the opportunity to serve Him in His own way. He does all these so that honour and glory may return to Him, not the servant. That is the reason He saves children and allows them to grow up serving Him all their lives. Others are saved in middle life and serve Him a few years, while some are saved on their death bed. They may have lived in outright rebellion against God but they reach their moment of truth a few minutes before they die.

The natural mind would think that God is unfair in rewarding all these people in the same way. Human nature wants those who have served longest to get better and bigger rewards. However, the word of God teaches me that whatever we have done in the vineyard of the Lord has been effectuated by God Himself, not our own efforts. That means that the reward we receive is the same – A crown of glory/righteousness (2 Timothy 4:4).

The question that springs to my mind is this: What is the point of working so hard in the vineyard of the Lord when another sinner saved on their death bed is rewarded in the same way I’ll be rewarded? Well, scripture teaches me in many places that it is God who saves and sustains. I am therefore to be very humble and obedient to Him at all times and recognise that He is the only one who grants the resources to serve Him. I cannot take any credit for it.
Matthew 20:1-16; Mark 10:27-31.