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There is talk today about the Christian faith being one of a relationship with Christ and not of Dos and Don’ts. It is indeed true to say that Christians are a people with a personal relationship with the Living God through the Lord Jesus Christ. We are unique in that sense.
It is important however, to realise that we have been set free from Satan and are now to operate according to the requirements of the kingdom of God. Our freedom in Christ is not a license to lead morally loose lives claiming we are under grace and not the Law. The life we have been called into is like a race. We all know that in athletics or any other sport for that matter, one cannot be victorious or receive a prize without adhering to the rules of the game – 2 Timothy 2:5-7. Similarly, we cannot claim to have a relationship with Christ without living according to the precepts of the Christian faith.
Faith in Christ is a lot more than mere intellectual or emotional accent to the gospel. To tell others that there are no Dos and Don’ts in the faith is therefore to present a gospel that is not true. Salvation is by God’s grace but once we have been saved, we must lead a lifestyle that is distinct from the world. We realise that we are strangers and pilgrims in this world – 1 Peter 211,12; Hebrews 11:13. We have no business conforming to its glamorous fashions. Ours is supposed to be a life of humility even as the old hymn states:
Trust and obey
For there is no other way
To be happy in Jesus –
Friends, the word of God has already warned us against loving the world and its pleasures – 1 John 2:15-17. Let us physically demonstrate our love and devotion to Christ by living simple yet orderly lives – avoid tattoos, weird hairstyles and bragging about material wealth. Put whatever you have acquired at the altar of service to God’s glory.