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In these precarious times when there is rampant corruption, unemployment,

underemployment, poor wages and squalid living conditions in my country, I cannot

imagine a day passing by without reading a passage from the Bible. This is the book

that nourishes not only my spiritual life but also determines how I relate with others

around me and gives meaning and purpose in my entire life.

While reading this book, I seek to understand the manner in which words have been

used and the historical context in which the passages are set, and in my view,

that is the best way to elicit the pleasure hidden in it and go beyond unbridled

sentimentalism and crass intellectualism that surrounds Bible reading.

The expressions in this book are not just solid facts about life but pieces of art that

are as quite exhilarating as they are informative. A jolly good example is the phrase

“All things were made by Him and without Him was not anything made that was

made.” It is such a marvellous text that leaves me with a feeling of absolute contentment

as I go about my work.

Without this book, I would certainly be the most miserable and useless individual

on the face of the Earth and everything else I do would not bring the ineffable joy and

stability of character that I derive from the Bible. Take a look at amazon.com/dp/B00BFOEAWY to see what has come out of reading the Bible. You too can live a stable life in spite of being bombarded with disheartening news on a daily basis.