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Is it possible to eliminate all forms of suffering in the world? How far can poverty alleviation policies and strategies go in solving human suffering? Have you ever wondered why the elaborate strategies by policy makers have failed to deal with deprivation in various communities across the globe?
These are serious questions that need to be looked at whenever we are talking about reducing suffering in the world. We all wish these problems never occurred. We come up with ways of ensuring there is equity in the distribution of resources but often end up with a bungled job. Human nature is such that we want our own comfort first before we can consider someone else. Since physical needs are insatiable, we develop a tendency to amass more and more wealth for ourselves and forget about those who are genuinely in need, and so deprivation remains in place.
When we realise that there is one who truly cares about us, anxiety about whether or not we are comfortable in a materialistic sense will vanish. We will be able to focus on the goodness of the Lord which will ensure fairness in our lives here in the world. The Lord is often displeased with us when we continue operating in our natural, selfish state and is generous in showing mercy to us when we turn to Him in humility. He will definitely give us peace and joy in our present life.
Ref. Psalm 27:13, 14; 30:4-6.