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I have struggled for long with the issue of whether or not to marry. I have observed families in and out of church experiencing crises from time to time and had concluded that the marriage institution is in deep trouble. I cannot enter it.
However, as a believer in Christ, I realise that marriage is indeed honourable as scripture declares in Hebrews 13: 4 and those who violate marriage vows come under divine judgement. Spiritually, I have loved marriage but intellectually, it has always seemed an impossible venture to undertake. I have tended to behave like the Israelites who were sent to spy the land of Canaan. They all found it very rich and beautiful but many of them came back with a discouraging report: a good land but inhabited by formidable people who could not be conquered. Only two individuals among them, Caleb and Joshua, recognised that they were a chosen people and the Lord was able to give them victory over the threatening people in Canaan and enable them to settle in the good land (Numbers 13).
Praise be to the Lord Jesus because through faith in Him, I have found a beautiful lady, a sister in Christ, and have been granted grace to realise that Christ is greater than the challenges I had seen before. Now we are happily married. Therefore, faith in Jesus Christ enables us overcome the insurmountable situations we encounter in life and in our walk with God.
Keep trusting in Him even when it seems unreasonable.