Flowing Streams: Journeys of a Life Well Lived
by Stuart Briscoe
Helmut Wagabi’s review

Without any formal theological training, Pastor Stuart Briscoe rose to prominence in world evangelism and founded the Telling The Truth ministry that broadcasts the gospel via radio and the internet. He encountered various challenges right from his childhood that transformed him into a renowned preacher and teacher of the gospel. Stuart was born and raised during the dark days of World War 2. He learnt devotion to duty by seeing it lived out by brave men and women. He was educated prematurely in the harsher side of life as sirens wailed and bombs rained down uncomfortably. His father, David was a pastor in a non-conformist church, Tin Chapel, at a time most people in England knew only the Anglican Church.

Stuart’s biblical teachings give hope even to the most hopeless and marginalised people in society such as prostitutes and street children. While a student in high school, Stuart played rugby and was able to testify to his schoolmates that he was a Christian and was never ashamed of being called weird for not drinking, smoking, or going to the cinema. Stuart acquired a love for words, a fascination for the world and its people and a deep appreciation for music, things which he uses to date to capture the attention of his audience.

The 200 pages book is a sensitive guide through Stuart’s life as bible teacher and pastor and is expressed in a very encouraging and humorous language