When I was planning to marry, I had a few financial and social challenges. I knew how to save money and had always done so on a regular basis but my closest friends advised me to get into an aggressive saving habit. I was told to stop taking a vehicle to work all the time and instead walk for close to half hour from my house to save on bus fare. To stop buying bread every morning and start using left over ugali for breakfast. I had to stop spending money on unnecessary travel. Finally I was told a hard one – to reduce my tithe!

I did not agree to any one of the above suggestions because I found them a little too harsh. I trusted that the Lord our God is able to supply all my needs according to His riches in glory and simply prayed that He keeps me from devourers – those unavoidable situations that could lead to spending money that I had not budgeted for such as sudden illness, deaths, accidents or dependents. Friends, God is very faithful. He truly kept me from the devourers and made it possible for me to acquire sufficient funds for the wedding.

I have full confidence in the fact that our God is loving and caring and will attend to our needs as He sees fit. We do not have to follow strange saving habits to get what we want in life. We simply need to be obedient to His word and keep tithing.

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