We all know God to be good, loving and caring. We ordinarily expect everything good from Him and we want Him to respond to our requests instantly. Any delay on His part creates anxiety in our hearts. We wonder whether He truly cares. Sometimes we go to the extreme of wondering whether He exists. Such feelings can be quite devastating.
Many people have harboured doubt about the goodness of God down through the centuries and have ended up forming strange religions that do not acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ as eternal God. Others have formulated gospels that teach Christ was a king and prophet to the Jews only. They have therefore set up their own systems of worship in which the leaders are looked upon as deities. Sadly many have fallen for the lies of such cults and have missed out on God’s eternal promises.
Our Lord Jesus met a woman who was not a Jew but who believed He was able to help her in her trouble. She believed He could heal her sick daughter. Christ’s initial response was lacklustre and indifferent. Wonderfully, the woman was not discouraged. She pressed on till Christ attended to her need. Christ praised her diligence in seeking help and the woman was finally pleased by what He did. Her daughter was totally delivered from her troubling condition – Matthew 15:21-28.
The Syrophenician woman’s response and knowledge in the fact that Christ is eternal God and the only one who can provide a lasting solution to the pernicious problems we face is worth emulating. She is a good example of how we are to understand God when in difficulty and all seems dark and forbidding. Silence from divine quarters may appear enormous but our persistence and absolute trust in Christ will ultimately prove helpful to us.