How often do we listen to marginalised individuals such as domestic workers, the lame and little children? We tend to feel they are not entitled to any opinion because of their social status and hardly pay attention to what they say. Isn’t this a reflection of the innate arrogance in our lives which matures as we grow and is fanned by the material blessings that accrue in the process?
We all have a tendency of pointing fingers and calling those with divergent opinions arrogant but we forget that it is a weakness that we all share. This is the attitude that denies us the opportunity of experiencing true blessings from God. There is a character in the bible named Naaman who realised that it is only through humility and obedience that he could have his problem solved. His initial resistance and thoughts towards the house help proved futile till he complied with the message brought by the young girl and went to see Elisha the prophet. Gehazi, Elisha’s servant, on the other hand felt the prophet was foolish not to accept payment for what God had done to Naaman through him. He decided to follow up on Naaman and receive the money. He lived to regret his action.
Therefore we only become better people when we recognise that our maker can use any individual to bring us truth and deliverance from our troubles. It is not about how smart we are in our lives but how open we are to those for whom we have little regard.