Friends have often told me that trusting in the intangible amounts to foolishness. There are situations in which that could be true. Faith is only as valid as the object in which it is put. I trust Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour though I have not seen Him physically. My faith in Him is based on the regeneration that has taken place in my life. I have not been indoctrinated into a certain creed. My whole personality has been changed. It has been filled with mercy, goodness and forgiveness.
I can confidently assert that my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ is sound. It springs from rational thinking and I’m considerate of those with divergent opinions. I have no business creating enmity with them.
When faith gets to a point where you shoot and kill those who don’t believe what you believe, it becomes utter foolishness. Genuine faith respects ruling authority because it has been established by God. It encourages others to seek and find truth and freedom rather than rebel and fight. I wonder whether issues of faith make sense to you or whether you are apathetic to them. You can’t afford to be neutral on these things. You are either pursuing truth and goodness or destruction.