We are getting into another season of the year when business is going to boom in the name of Christmas. Prices of many domestic goods are going to be hiked all over the world. Appetite for immorally huge profits is building up among many in the business world. Anxiety, on the other hand, is welling up among average income earners. A time that is meant to bring Joy and Peace is about to become a time of turmoil.
I have often wondered whether we ever consider how Christmas came about. There are a number of theories as to how the 25th of December was picked upon. The commonly held theory in the western world is that the sun began to show up in the Northern Hemispheres and the people who had lived under freezing temperatures began celebrating because of the warmth that emerged. The church fathers of the time rightly understood Christ to be the Sun of Righteousness and decided that the church too should hold celebrations to mark the birth of Christ. I believe that was wisdom from above and give credit to them for their decision.
Trouble comes about when we focus so much upon merry-making to the exclusion of giving thanks to the Lord Jesus for the hope of redemption he brought us. It is even more disappointing to hear others claiming that Christmas is not a day for church and religious concerts. To them it is just a day for the family get together and make merry – eat, drink all sorts of beverages and dance to all kinds of music. At the end of it, many are left financially unstable whether or not they planned for Christmas.
I believe it is the wrong use to which we have put the day that makes our Adventist brothers reject the whole concept of Christmas. If only we understood Christmas to be a time for giving thanks to Christ for His wonderful hope and salvation, we would be a lot happier than we tend to be.