Is there such a thing as Unpardonable Sin? Can anyone commit such a sin? Isn’t God unfair in failing to forgive such a sin?
All this questions spring up in our minds every time we hear of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. Why would sin against the third person of the trinity be such a serious one? My understanding of it is that we are all sinners by nature. Most of us believe in the true God and so realise the need to turn to Him whenever in trouble. Those who do not believe in the true God have other deities they adore. They will often turn to those idols when faced with problems. However, when the Lord intervenes in their lives, they will recognise that there is a true God who ought to be worshipped.
There are others who have a conviction that Jesus Christ is not Eternal God neither is He the son of God. Those who hold such a position are treading on very dangerous ground because they have already excluded themselves from the mercy of God. They have denied the fact that only the Holy Spirit can convict one of sin and bring about true repentance and forgiveness. It is the Holy Spirit who enlightens us on the existence of the Living God. Denying Him therefore means embracing another idol that opposes Him. That is unpardonable.
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