The tendency to become complacent is very high amongst believers in Christ. I personally have felt like all is well and I need not do anything else in my journey of faith. Occasionally, I have thought that since Christ paid for all of my sins – past, present and future, I don’t have to worry about serving Him. I have also observed that quite a number of believers have the same view – sit back and enjoy the fruits of salvation. We often fail to realise that the peace and joy we experience in Christ cost Him His life. His love for us led to His sacrificial death.
It is therefore clear that we too should be concerned about serving Him fervently. We should not be sitting back and counting blessings as proponents of the prosperity gospel want us to believe. We should actually be busy in the vineyard of the Lord, spending our time and money to ensure that those who have not heard the gospel hear it. We cannot afford to go about living lavishly in the name of Christ, claiming we have been blessed and are now reaping. We need to learn from King David who resolved not to lie down and sleep till he had found a place for the Lord (Psalm 132:1-5), i.e. he couldn’t become complacent until God was satisfied with his work.
We too have no option but to serve the Lord spiritually and physically. Keep sharing the message of Christ and uplift the welfare of the less fortunate ones in the church. There will always be some in Christendom who need material support.