I believe we were created by God to live for Him and serve Him. Acceptable service needs to be passionate and it’s common knowledge that we cannot be enthusiastic in serving Him when we are weak. Someone might argue that God created all things for us to enjoy but it must also be understood that not everything is good or even important. We have been given the wisdom to choose between what is beneficial physically and spiritually and what is not.
As a believer in Christ Jesus, I realise that God did not only create me, He also purchased my body through the sacrificial death of Christ and now dwells in me through the Holy Spirit. I have no reason to fill this body with junk food – high sugar, salt and fat diet.
Scientific studies have shown ailments such as tooth decay, obesity, mood swings, heart diseases and diabetes are related to a high sugar diet. Similarly, our bodies weren’t designed to digest heavy fats and so the fat settles in our arteries and clogs them up, causing high blood pressure and many other complications.
A high salt diet is also known to contribute to high blood pressure, fluid retention and other digestive problems. Remember, the recommended salt intake per day for the average adult is one teaspoon and so any time we eat at a fast food restaurant or what is packaged from supermarkets, we are exceeding the recommended allowance.
In order to minimize salt intake, we need to reduce our consumption of prepared, frozen and canned foods. Salty snacks should be replaced by fresh fruits and vegetables and we should always remember that God made our bodies to function properly on pure, natural foods. Our goal in exercising healthy eating is to be available for eternal purposes for the longest time possible, with the greatest amount of energy and the highest level of emotional, mental and spiritual welfare.