There is peace and eternal blessings to the righteous that depend upon the Lord and destruction to the rebellious. Does it therefore imply that we can choose to live righteously or in rebellion? Isn’t such a statement contrary to everything else the word of God teaches about human condition in the sight of God?
Naturally, we live in rebellion against God. Whatever goodness we possess is usually self-centred. We engage in good works so as to be praised and respected in society. We want the recipients of our actions to recognise that we can control their lives and force them into submission to our desires. The praises we receive foster self-righteousness and we think God is pleased with our deeds too.
Whenever we are criticized for any of our actions, we often get infuriated and try all out to get even with them. We accuse others of being ungrateful and vow never to help them again. This is a clear indication that we lack peace and are far away from eternal blessings. It’s an awkward situation to be in and the interesting part of it is that we cannot choose to get out of it. We are naturally covered in rebellion and the only way we can be righteous is through the Amazing Grace of God. This will become real only as we own up to the fact that righteousness is way beyond our reach. We need help from above. The blessing has to be given to us from a higher power. Only then will we experience the blessings from our heavenly father and gain the confidence that we are living acceptably before Him.