In my country, it is fashionable to go to church on Sunday morning. Everyone who is not going out to work therefore attends church and a lot of people call themselves Christians. As a born again Christian, however, I realise that I am not just a church-goer. I have been chosen by God to express his praises wherever I am.
My relationship with God is, therefore, different from that of those who have not personally been transformed by His saving grace. I am now called beloved of God even as Christ was declared “Beloved” soon after His baptism – Matthew 3:17. The term is also applied to all who follow Christ and are baptised. The Holy Spirit comes to live in us when we have repented of sins and God officially recognises us as His dear children.
As beloved of the father we look forward to a glorious eternity and our joy in Christ is full. I personally express this through sharing the word of God with colleagues and mentioning the positive things I experience from God such as freedom from fear of sudden illness, false accusation at work and confidence in everything I do for I am beloved of God. I encourage them to trust Christ personally and be part of the beloved family of God.