We are living at a time when our lives as believers in Christ are endangered by various terrorist groups like al Shabaab and Boko Haram. These groups unleash terror on innocent people who may be worshipping in church or on students at school. Our natural reaction towards such groups is usually hatred and malice. However, when we carefully look at such texts as Psalm 139:21 and Matthew 5:43-47, we realise the Bible is not referring to a hostile attitude towards these enemies.
We are reminded that it is our duty to love all people with benevolence. We should, however, not condone their wickedness. It is our obligation to make it clear to those who hate goodness and the righteousness of God that their actions are unacceptable to the living God and man.
We are usually grieved by the atrocities committed by enemies of goodness and desire that if only they came to their spiritual senses, they would realise that God too is displeased by what they do. Our hatred for their evil should compel us to share the word of truth that can set them free from their ill behaviour.