After watching the recent terrorist attacks in this country, I have come to the conclusion that the enemy does not just attack us out of the blue. There is always some laxity on our part that the enemy takes advantage of and unleashes terror. What, therefore, should we do as individuals and as society in general?
Those of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ should always know that we live in a fallen world and the culture around us is sinful. There will always be people giving and receiving bribes, others will be inefficient in their jobs probably because they are not qualified and others are simply indifferent to others people’s well being. Materialism is exalted and decent, upright life is frowned upon.
However, when we recognise that we are a special people in Christ, we won’t really be moved by all these pressures. We will engage in what we are qualified to do and be content with our pay. We will not be compromised and blinded by those who have bloody money to through away. Our enemies will have no hook to hold on. Such a careful life may not make us great or admirable, but will ensure that our security is intact as individuals, and as a country. A compromised culture will still give room to more attacks and so we had better wake up and do what is good and right as individuals – Deut. 6:17, 18.