When I was in high school, a Muslim classmate named Salim heard the gospel through the Christian Union and became saved. He was so excited about his conversion and went home at the end of the school term feeling very confident about his new faith in Christ. He informed his father what had happened to him and the dad became furious. He gave him a thorough beating and chased him from home.
Salim was totally confused by what was happening in his life. His father had not previously shown any hostility towards Christians. Salim had always thought that declaring Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour would not be an issue. He did not understand that the father had always felt his family was secure and none of his children would ever wander to another faith.
When Salim narrated his experience to the church I attended, we all broke into song and dance. Salim was thrown into deeper confusion. He expected us to feel sorry for his situation but here we were celebrating that he had found a new family. I found opportunity at the end of the service to explain to him that he was not to worry about expulsion from home. He had now found a better family of believers in Christ. I took him into our home and the church raised enough money for his school fees. He felt at ease amongst Christians and I reminded him of the words of our Lord that all who do the will of God are members of one family, the family of God (Matthew 12:46-50).