“Satan made me do it” is a phrase we here quite often today. Even though the existence and involvement of demonic activity may be present in our lives, we need to recognize that the one who is in us is greater than the one out in the world. Os Guinness in his book, Doubt, wrote: “Too much talk of the devil gives him too much room in people’s imagination if not in their theology. It is quite true that the devil seeks to undo God’s work, but it is also true that the Son of God appeared for the very purpose of undoing the devil’s work.” We need to believe in the total supremacy of Christ as both God and man. He is supreme over creation, over time and space and over the whole church. Jesus Christ is the supreme factor in the entire work of redemption (Colossians 1).
When under attack from forces of evil, we are to stand firm in the faith, i.e., our confidence in the great truths of God’s salvation, Satan’s defeat and Christ’s victory, is to be maintained. We are to see the whole conflict in perspective, as the common experience of fellow believers throughout the world (1 peter 5:8, 9). This defeats the devil because one of his favourite lies is the whisper that whenever one is suffering, he is usually alone and unique and will be consumed.
We also need to realize that we are members of a church, citizens of a kingdom, limbs of a body, worshippers in a priesthood, soldiers in an army, children of a family and living stones in a temple. Therefore small group nurture, corporate prayer, joyful celebration, the expression of oneness in breaking bread, singing, hugging and helping, enable us to silence Satan’s whisper that the battle is too lonely to be worth continuing.