In spite of all the advances of civilization, the world today is still consumed with a desire for peace and a fear of war. When people observe the conflicts and the rumours of wars, gloom and despair often engulf them like a thick darkness. There has been a lot of trouble in the Congo region in Africa in the recent past and currently, there are hostilities among ethnic communities in various parts of Africa. In the Middle East, peace has been the pursuit for centuries. While there have been scores of efforts to bring about peace between Israel and Syria and the Palestinians, no one would be surprised if war broke out in the near future.
Peace movements and negotiations proceed all over the world. Stronger countries like the USA, UK and Germany believe that peace must be negotiated from a position of power; radical groups such as Boko Haram and Al Shabaab, operating mainly in Africa, believe that terror will force the issue. But we are still left with a more dangerous and frightening world than ever before. We wonder if anyone is really interested in peace and righteousness and justice for all, or just in securing their own interests.
We see all this turmoil because evil is still present. It sets brother against brother, and nation against nation. Ultimately, the world’s gloom and despair is linked to spiritual darkness. Wonderfully, for believers in Christ, we have the marvellous revelation of our Lord that not only announces His sovereign rule but also directs the course of world events.