Finding a job right after graduating is quite a tricky exercise for many people today. The big question on their minds usually is whether God cares and is willing to do anything at all. This ridiculous notion arises from our disregard to the greatness of God. He is the Creator and Sustainer of the entire creation and we are well aware of these facts. God has created everything from one end to the other, i.e., from beyond our ability to see in one direction to beyond our ability to see in the other direction. So whether we are talking about time or space, God stretches beyond our understanding in every dimension.
Everything about our infinite God is beyond the ability of our finite minds to comprehend. We cannot comprehend God’s eternal nature, stretching from beyond time in the beginning to beyond time in the end. We cannot comprehend the scope of God’s creation, extending beyond our horizons in every direction. Neither can we comprehend His energy, which is as infinite as everything else about Him. We cannot reduce God to an algorithm that can be analysed in a super computer. God is beyond our understanding yet He can be known because He has revealed Himself in the Lord Jesus Christ.
It is important to note that those who rely on their own strength have finite success. Those who maintain their faith in the midst of adversity, have access to infinite resources. There is a lot we can do through waiting. We learn, for instance, that God is not a vending machine, granting instant satisfaction. When we wait, our lives indicate we are not with God simply because of what He can do for us. We remain with God because we love Him, even when we are not getting our way on our schedule. God knows what we feel and what we fear, and He is adequate to meet our every need. We can never obey God in our strength, but we can always trust Him to provide the strength we need. If we trust ourselves, we will faint and fall; but if we wait on the Lord by faith, we will receive strength not only for our journey of faith but also for the job we may be expecting.
At times we feel so worn out and stressed that we are not sure we can take another step. We may seem to spend all our time running from crisis to crisis and be constantly giving our time and energy to others. Our Lord Jesus wants to renew our strength and enable us to enjoy the abundant life He intends for us. To realize this we must wait upon Him.