We live in a climate of pluralism and permissiveness and tend to think that there are many different ways to build our lives. Our Lord Jesus taught that there are only two alternatives – two houses or foundations, and we learn from passages such as 1 Corinthians 3:11 that Jesus Christ is the foundation and the chief cornerstone in whom His people are put together.

Our Lord teaches us that when we hear the word of God, we must put it into action or else we are building our lives on sand. The action He expects from us is repentance and putting our faith in Him rather than the philosophies of this world. We are to repent of our lack of love, un-forgiveness, anger, lust and pride.

Spiritualism, on the other hand, teaches falsely that, “God is not one individual but all individuals. This divine intelligence is expressing through every form of life on the earth and in the etheric realms as well. We are individualizing within the God consciousness which supplies the generative powers from the universe. This great play of life is unfolding so that the whole can know itself.” People who hold such views do not believe that Jesus’ death paid the penalty for sin and salvation comes by grace through faith in Christ, but rather souls gradually progress after death through a series of steps towards a state of spiritual perfection. It is, therefore, a works based route to salvation after death.

The apostle Paul referred to religious belief systems that deny the truth of the gospel, the atonement of sins through the death of Jesus on the Cross, as “Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof” (2Timothy 3:1-5). Although many spiritualists attend Sunday services, sing hymns, and claim to worship God, spiritualism and biblical truth are not compatible belief systems.

Those who believe in spiritualism are deceived through supernatural contact that there is no hell or the final judgement by God. But Hebrews 9:27 clearly states, “It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgement.”  Death is inevitable and so is judgement.

We must, therefore, put our faith in Christ alone because a lot of people – Muslims, Hindus and Mormons – have plenty of faith in their systems yet it will not grant them entrance into heaven; it is not put in the biblical Jesus. Jesus Christ is the only acceptable object of our faith and the only one who can save us from sin and give us hope and ability to remain firm even amid trials.