We have a tendency of judging people by what they do or what they have, i.e., their jobs, their achievements or the kind of friends they have. Our Lord Jesus, however, makes it clear to us that what matters most in life is who we are and how we relate with those around us. These relationships will determine how we live in the present hostile society.

We are currently seeing the breakdown of family life cutting across every background, with all the tragic consequences that follow for both parent and children. There is a moral vacuum in the entire Christian world because we seem to have rejected the basis of a moral code, which is the word of God. There is also a vacuum in our hearts as individuals. We are constantly hungry for meaning and purpose and we keep searching for an answer to the problem of guilt and longing for community and belonging.

We tend to think that influence comes from wealth or power. Jesus teaches us that we can have an influence on the entire world by who we are. We are to love the Lord our God with all our hearts and mind and to love our neighbours as ourselves – Matthew 22:37-39. We should learn to be merciful to those in need and to those who have wronged us regardless of justice’s cry for their punishment.