I developed a keen interest in the word of God at the time I left Sunday school. I would often sit alone and read the bible. I could not understand many passages but was fascinated by others. I used to wonder, for instance, how the apostle Paul lived without a wife and why he said it is good for some people not to marry. I saw many young people of my age going out in groups and others developing interest in the opposite sex.

My peers accused me of being a social misfit but because I had developed a hobby of sitting down and reading from the bible, I did not mind. I learnt from the book of Proverbs 1:10-19, for instance, that I was not to be enticed by those who gathered together for the wrong reasons. The passage inspired a lot of confidence in me and it was very difficult for anyone else to persuade me to join them in conforming to the strange fashions that many youth took up.

I realized that wanting to look like everyone else was not healthy. I refused to shape my hair style in a way that every young person did. I did not buy into the various designs that had come up – punk or box haircut, or wearing metal chains and leather clothes. I looked out of place but was not moved because I had learnt from the bible that it was not a proper thing to do. Whenever police patrolled the area in search of criminal gangs, young people with weird appearances were often arrested.

I also learnt from another scripture texts that tattoos  are abominable to the Lord and managed to steer clear of all tattooing ( Leviticus 19:28). At school I looked odd but my teachers praised me for refusing to conform to what was considered trendy. I was appointed prefect in class and got opportunity to tell others that conforming to the latest fashions in dress and appearance is not a very nice thing to do. It often exposed young people to ridicule from older members and gave the impression that they were rude and unruly.