First, I must apologize to all my followers on this blog. I’ve been so busy throughout the month and not had adequate time to write. Thankfully, the Lord has been speaking to me through John 17 and now I can gladly tell you that:

This is a prayer that is singularly full of deep and profound expressions. In it, our Lord Jesus wants to be glorified because His glory and His attributes are the greatest end of all creation and all God’s arrangements and providences. Christ has power over all human beings whether saved or not and calls upon all to recognise Him as the only saviour. Eternal life that is given to the chosen ones is the knowledge that dwells in the heart and influences the life we lead.

Just like Christ completed the work of salvation He came to do, so must we finish the work that God has given us here on earth, whether small or great. We are to work faithfully whether in the church or in the secular world. It is only after finishing what has been given to us that we can desire to go to glory. Seeking to be glorified without having worked would be a sign of laziness.

As believers in Christ, we have eternal security because we were known and chosen by the Father long before we cared for Him and are expected to live obediently as evidence of having been predestined to salvation. We are never perfect in our lives but Christ encourages us to embrace the truth He has taught. Jesus loves all mankind but He does special work for those who believe in Him as Lord and saviour – He leads and intercedes for us that we may not fall. He cares tenderly for us and will make all needful provision for our safety and comfort.

Christ wants us to be united, not physically, but in mind, will, opinion and feeling. We should avoid internal divisions that fail to portray His holiness. We need to feel a sense of love in our hearts similar to that with which Christ loved us.