I love my cell phone and the use of the internet. I have acquired some knowledge through various social media networks such as facebook and twitter. I now have more friends than I used to because many have connected with me through the encouraging messages I share on my social media.

Initially, I shared the word of God with my family and colleagues. They got so used to me that they became fed up with me and decided to distance themselves claiming that talking about Jesus was my hobby which they never enjoyed. I took to writing and shared my gleanings from scripture with church members during Bible study sessions. A few were impressed by what I had to say and I realized that many more could be reached through the internet.

My first blog was shut down presumably because the gospel was found offensive to the site administrators. However, I did not give up. I found another site that was not opposed to the Christian message and have continued sharing the gospel with my followers on the blog. I am happy that many find it spiritually and morally uplifting.

In spite of the benefits that have accrued from the blog, I still find continued use of social media a bit too addictive and distractive. I get too much information on the web but can’t remember everything I read and neither do I have time to think deeply about it. I also have an urge to get so engrossed in searching for information from the web that there is little time to engage in face to face communication with those around me. I always want to catch up on the latest news from various parts of the world and lose touch with whatever is going on around the house or at work.