A proper perspective of what the bible implies by treasure goes a long way into helping us understand our security, vision and relationship with God. Treasure refers to many things and may include money, possessions, clothes, homes, power, position, status and even intelligence, fame, sporting ability and good looks. These things do not ultimately satisfy because they do not last.

It is important to realize that our Lord Jesus is concerned not so much with our wealth, but our hearts and affections, i.e., what we think about when our minds are in neutral. He is concerned not so much with money as the love of money, which the apostle Paul describes as the root of all kinds of evil (1 Timothy 6:10). Jesus forbids the selfish accumulation of money and egocentric covetousness. He condemns materialism and the unhealthy obsession with and trust in possessions. He does not necessarily despise material things.

Christ wants us to understand that the very things which promise security lead to perpetual insecurity. Many wealthy people across the world have confessed the fact that the more money they made, the more problems they encountered in their lives. For example, George Harrison of the Beatles said, “For every hundred dollars you earn you get a hundred dollars’ worth of problems.” We should also realize that materialism tends to lead us away from God because it ties us to the world and thus proves to be a poor investment.

We are called upon to invest in God’s kingdom by putting our time, energy and money into people. We should use our wealth to preach the gospel, heal the sick, care for the weak and lonely and minister to the poor. This is a most secure investment and will last for ever. It is a good bargain to exchange the transitory for the eternal. God has given us an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade and is kept in heaven for us. We need to give generously to the kingdom of God because our hearts will automatically follow our money. Once we start doing so we will become a great more interested in and committed to it.