In Exodus 12, we learn of extreme hardship placed on the entire nation of Israel. Pharaoh had turned the Israelites into slave labourers and ordered midwives to kill every male infant at birth. In response, God called upon Moses to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. At first, Moses was reluctant to take up the new responsibility but God assured him of His presence. He then gathered courage and went on to confront Pharaoh demanding freedom for His people. Moses brought God’s power to bear on Pharaoh and finally worn justice for the Hebrews.

Today, we hear cries for justice from all around the world. We want justice for the poor, enslaved, marginalized, and the persecuted. This cry reflects the heart of God, yet sometimes we still forget that justice is God’s idea first. While our demand is often punitive, i.e., wanting those who are wrong to get what they deserve, God’s version is redemptive. God is committed to what is right and best for His children.

In spite of the many organizations and advocates being committed to causes for justice, injustice seems to have adamantly refused to go away. This is mainly because we live in an imperfect world and our understanding of justice is equally imperfect.

True justice will only be seen in the lives of those who fear God because biblical justice begins with holiness: “Justice and judgement are the habitation of thy throne: mercy and truth shall go before thy face” – Psalm 89:14. When a person is seen as righteous, it is not so much that he is virtuous, but rather that he has the approval of his king. In Hosea 10: 12, when God urges the people to sow for themselves righteousness, He is urging them to maintain standards and to live the life that would meet his approval.

In God’s justice, we can find a comfort for all the wrongs perpetuated against us and against mankind. We know that our cruel boss who cheated us for so many years will receive divine justice. The politician who did wrong to gain power will also be treated according to his deeds. The thought of God’s justice for everyone might sound scary to unbelievers but Christians rest their faith in Christ, with full knowledge that they are judged in Christ and their safety is guaranteed.