How about learning a few lessons from Deacon Stephen in Acts 6?

Stephen was well versed in God’s word and argued its truth excellently because he was endowed with wisdom from above. He did not even shy away from those who disagreed with the truth of God’s word. He also received the strength he needed through faith to stand firm under the most extreme persecution one could suffer as a Christian.

As a Christian, Stephen was prepared to go an extra mile for the Lord. He was truly committed and went further for the cause of Christ. He must have understood that the people who just do the bare minimum never accomplish anything great for God. He wasn’t waiting to be a pastor to do something great. He wasn’t saying it was someone else’s responsibility and he certainly didn’t let someone else take his opportunity to serve the Lord.

As it is always the case with good works, after Stephen demonstrated great faith and accomplished great things, there arose certain men who wanted to fight with him because of his living for God. Persecution will certainly come to all who live godly in Christ Jesus (1 Timothy3:12) and so Stephen was now confronted with followers of Moses and the Law who did everything within their ability to discredit him.

Stephen was well composed all along because he had an intimate relationship with God and knew that God’s grace was sufficient for him. Because of time spent at the Saviour’s feet, he was able to speak with wisdom when necessary and also keep his peace when necessary.

It is significant to note that Stephen wasn’t a pastor; he wasn’t a travelling evangelist nor was he an apostle. He wasn’t a king or warrior; he was a humble, spirit filled servant of God who was used to do great things because he yielded himself to the will of his Saviour.