I strongly believe that as Christians we need to uphold our testimony wherever we are. Our faith in Christ should be reflected through our work by insisting on fair price, good products and just treatment of customers and employees. When we notice a neighbour who is struggling with loss, tragedy or illness, for instance, we could share a meal or plate of cookies with them. When engaging in acts of mercy such as mowing the lawn, buying groceries or cleaning the house for some one else, we need to share why we are motivated to do all those things. When people tell us about their troubles (financial crisis, death, illness, divorce, abuse or confusion over an issue they may be experiencing)  we should respond helpfully by listening to them and then sharing how God has carried us in moments of personal struggle.

Whenever we meet new comers in our neighbourhood, we should warmly introduce ourselves and ask if they will be looking for a church to attend. We could then invite them to ours. In the home setting, we could model our faith by taking time for daily devotions and Bible study. We can also model hospitality and stewardship by giving money or food to people in need.

During holidays, it is proper to invite our friends, neighbours or co – workers to worship or to any other special event that we may hold. At such occasions as Christmas and Easter, we get an opportunity to share why the days are important to us and our families. Holidays also enable us to help others reflect on their blessings and give thanks to God for His goodness.

We should remember to regularly pray for boldness and confidence as Christ has taught us. Prayer is the foundation of all witness. It is essential for a Christian who desires to be bold in faith sharing. We can also write our own faith story in a manner that it will evoke conversation rather than debate. It simply needs to come out clearly from our story that God is real and the Bible is our ultimate authority in all moral and spiritual matters; that the resurrection of Christ is the only thing that gives us certainty of forgiveness and hope of eternal life.