I have witnessed unruly behaviour among teenagers that has left me wondering about their sanity. I am concerned that we may not, in future, have adults with a strong character and who can be trusted to lead either church or society in general. There are times when I get a feeling that even the church may be taken over by undisciplined young people who cannot guide others in godliness.

However, every time I turn to the word of God, I am assured that Christ is in control. Even though matters may seem worse, I need not allow worry to control me. God has promised that He will never leave me alone. He will bring about stability at His own time and in His own way. He may allow trouble among young people to show that we cannot appropriately manage our lives by trusting our own wisdom and resources. We just have to depend on Him at all times.

Scripture reminds me that instead of worrying about the ugly events, I need to continue praying and witnessing for Jesus. He is able to change the situation and restrain unbecoming behaviour among teenagers that causes them to engage in rape and vandalism and subject others to suffering. The wisdom from the Lord calms my heart over the consequences of the youth’s strange actions.

Whenever a school is burnt, for instance, the damage is huge and parents are penalized for it. It is only scripture that enables me to handle such weird cases wisely. I get the impression that even though some schools have been destroyed, not all will be burnt. Some teenagers may be difficult to handle but not all will turn destructive. I am assured that there will always be humble and obedient ones among them. All I have to do is to keep praying for them and trusting that God will grant me the ability to cope with the troubles.

The Lord has always been faithful and given me a reason to rejoice even amid disturbing circumstances. My worries have proved baseless as long as I have trusted in Him and I have realized that surrendering to Him means ineffable peace in this world and certainty of eternal life. It makes me steady in the face of trouble and encourages me to remain faithful under all circumstances.