A lot of people have different views about who Jesus Christ is. Hindus believe He is one of the many gods they believe in. Muslims hold that he is a mere prophet and perhaps not great than Mohammed. Moralists believe he is a great teacher and philosopher and atheists think he is an imaginary figure who probably never existed. All these views can be quite confusing and I too dabbled in them in my childhood. However I had a unique curiosity about the Bible.

My doubts about who Jesus Christ is were removed when I realized that I was a sinner and all the effort I had made to lead a decent life was in vain. I desired to be upright and kind but was still troubled by anxiety, jealousy and resentment towards others. I recited all the prayers I had been taught in Sunday school but still lacked inner peace. I stayed in that state for some time then I heard one of our church members testifying that he had been delivered from greed, lust and envy through trusting in Jesus Christ. At first, I thought he was only joking but later, I realized that he had been totally transformed. He had become gentle and kind. He was also generous and gave to the needs of others.

Through his testimony, I realized that Jesus is real. He can change people’s lives completely and make them useful in and out of the church. His power is beyond our understanding and we cannot stop him from doing what He wants. As I continued reading the Bible I discovered that Jesus Christ is eternal God because all things were made by Him. Everything that exists was brought into being by Him through His spoken word.

I too became convinced that He can change my life and give me the peace that I so desperately needed. I pleaded with Him for mercy and recognized that He is able to sustain me and make my life more meaningful. I now know that Jesus Christ is the only Saviour who can forgive all our sins and strengthen us to live morally acceptable lives that reflect His mercy and goodness. True peace and security are found through trusting in Him alone as Lord and Saviour.