In the next forty days of Lent, I want you to reflect with me on God’s character of Jealousy. God is supreme and sovereign over all. He is also merciful and loving as can be seen through His daily provisions, forgiveness and the wonderful salvation we experience in Christ.  His great love demands that we live in total obedience, submission and devotion to Him.

God’s jealous is not egocentric like mine. It is actually the natural and necessary by product of His complete sovereignty and infinite holiness. The kind of jealous I express is often guided by selfishness. I tend to be resentful when others around me seem to enjoy the fruits of their hard work such as living in a nice house which they have built and dress in brand new clothes. This attitude spoils my relationship with my neighbours and makes me sad and lonely. I am constantly praying that God helps me to overcome it.

When I came to faith in Christ, I recognized the great work He had done in my life and was deeply devoted to prayer, reading the word of God whenever I was free and serving in church. Gradually I drifted to sports and my interest in the things of God waned. I found the word of God boring and serving in church a waste of time. My testimony for Christ was watered down and I began engaging in unnecessary jokes which offended many. My prayer life became weak and I found no strength to share the word of God with most of my friends. Some of them went to the extent of poking fun at me and saying, “You were once saved. What has happened to you that makes you loose your temper so fast and retort at others who are simply joking?”

That question was like a nudge on my rib and made me discover that I was loosing touch with God. I had offended Him in failing to recognize who He is and was now beginning to adore sports. He consequently proved to me that I could not go down that path and be safe. I had to get on my knees and plead with Him for mercy. I confessed idolatry and started taking my Quiet Time seriously. During my devotions, I realized that our God is truly set apart and wants me to worship and serve Him alone. My waywardness can only bring trouble and there is none I can turn to for comfort and security.