Life is a blessing from God. We naturally want to live longer and dread extinction of life. We should, however, be prepared to resign it when God commands.

Have you ever given a serious thought to the reason for desiring to live in this world? Well, there are various reasons. First, it is a gift from God and we instinctively shrink back from death, as one of the greatest evils, we tremble at the thought of annihilation. Secondly, we need to see the works of God and survey the wonders of His hand on earth. The world if full of wonders that express the goodness of God and the longer we live, the deeper our study of nature will go. Thirdly, it is an opportunity to prepare ourselves for eternity. A long life enables us to bring the subject of eternity to severe test and determine whether or not we will inherit it. Fourthly, it gives us an opportunity to do well to others and bring them the gospel. In the next world, we shall not be permitted to pray for our impenitent loved ones. This can only be done in the present world.

We should, therefore, constantly pray that if it be God’s will, we may not be cut down in the midst of our lives. We need to lead upright and pious lives and keep seeking the good of all people. Avoid leading others astray either politically or religiously through false teaching as is the manner of some today.