My friends at school used to wonder why I dozed off in front of movies like Spiderman which they loved most but remained alert for long hours when reading such books as, What’s So Amazing About Grace by Philip Yancey, Runner by Thomas Perry and Watching the Dark by Peter Robinson. The excitement I get from reading a book far outweighs any other form of entertainment. Whenever I pick up a newspaper, I’m quickly drawn to the word puzzle section where I try to solve the cross words. I don’t always get everything right but I enjoy what I do.

The humour in Pastor Stuart Briscoe’s writings further encourages me not only to read but also to write stories that I feel can be helpful to others. I love stories that build people up and help us see our need to depend upon God for guidance throughout life. I have also read stories in which bad things happen to people but I tend to interpret them in the light of the word of God. I discover that if only the characters in the story had faith in Christ, they would not aid and abet evil.

I now enjoy writing for Christian magazines such as Devozine and blogging, and I believe the message of hope and security in the Lord Jesus that I share reaches many across the world. The written word has the ability to not only transform people’s lives but also to preserve memories and values that prove beneficial to many through the years. I find it easier to refer to the written word than other forms of art. I realize that good words spoken or written will keep ringing in people’s minds as they go about their usual activities. I have also discovered that sharing the written word is more cost effective as compared to film, for instance.

Currently, I reach people quickly through social media like twitter by sharing summarized truth in just a few characters. Many can now be made aware of health and social issues around them through text messages and be able to prevent negative outcome that could have arisen through delayed information.