As Solomon dedicated the temple, in 2 Chronicles 6, he realized that this tremendous accomplishment of great beauty was far too insignificant and small to house the Creator of the universe. But, God chose to dwell with mortals. That is what the life of our Lord Jesus is about (John 1:11-18). God is awesome and beyond description, far too holy to be expected to associate with flawed human beings. As God, however, He has chosen to love us and come and live with us so we can return to Him and share in His glory.

The greatness of our God is beyond pantheism which states that God is equal to anything and everything. All things that exist are part of one reality – God. There is no distinction between God and His creation. This is not the biblical idea of God. The god of pantheism is impersonal while the God of scripture is the Personal Creator. According to scripture, God created the universe. It had no existence before He created it (Genesis 1:1-3). Therefore the universe is not part of His nature. He existed before there was a universe. Pantheism confuses the creature with the Creator. It makes everything god and misses the God of everything.

As Jesus was setting about to call His disciples, He came across Philip and asked him to follow along. Philip then went to find Nathaniel. Now, when Philip found Nathaniel he was sitting under a tree. Philip convinces Nathaniel to come meet Jesus. As Nathaniel approaches, Jesus greets him as an Israelite who was not at all deceitful. Apparently Nathaniel prided himself on his honesty. He asked Jesus how He knew him. Jesus tells Nathaniel that He saw him under the tree before Philip asked him to come. There must have been a long distance from where Jesus was to that tree because it impressed Nathaniel that Jesus had seen him.

Jesus Christ is 100% human, which means that the physical part of Jesus, the body, was restricted here on earth. But He is also 100% God, which means He is unrestricted spirit. When Jesus attends a meeting it is as an active participant with those who are there. He is listening to their prayers, and acting on them. Jesus hears the praise given to God and soaks it in. He touches hearts, minds and lives as the people worship in His name. An immense God could have part of Himself present, but an omniscient God has all of Himself consciously present at each and every meeting all over the earth.